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Fritz!Box Wall mount bracket

27.50 €

incl. free shipping Europe wide

49 $AUS

incl. free shipping to Australia

The Fritz!Box-Bracket is useable for this models:

the upcoming new FRITZ!BOX 6660 Cable is also compatible with this bracket!

powdered 2mm steel
oblong holes for optimal alignment
Mounting bolt for easy mounting the Fritz!Box

If you need an 19″ Bracket to fit the AVM Fritz!Box into a network cabinet, you find it here: https://grabbe-it.de/

19 inch Rackmount plate for

  • AVM FRITZ!BOX 7590
  • AVM FRITZ!BOX 7490
  • AVM FRITZ!BOX 6490 Cable
  • upcoming FRITZ!BOX 6660 Cable

2mm gray powdered steel with mounting bolts

KeyStone Modules not inculded

Ceiling-Wall mount bracket for AVM FRITZ!REPEATER 3000 with anti theft function

You whant to use the AVM FRITZ!REPEATER 3000 in public areas and don’t whant that someone use it as a take away object?

We have build a spezial holder for that. with this holder you could mount the AVM FRITZ!REPEATER 3000 to the ceiling


77 $AUS

incl. free shipping to Australia

Don't be so .....

If you think you don't need a Fritz! box wall bracket, you've never drilled into an old wall.

You know what it’s like: The first screw is always in place. But whenever it has to be very precise, for example when you want to fix a Fritz! box router vertically to the wall, you hit a pebble while drilling the second hole. Or a stone edge. Or an ancient dowel from the previous tenant. What happens? The drill tears, the plaster crumbles and the wall not only has an unattractive hole, but also a deeply unsuitable one.

Let's change that!

The high-precision lasered Fritz! box wall bracket from Grabbe-IT forgives inaccuracies in the second drill hole thanks to its oblong holes. With its 2 millimetre thick steel plate, it even compensates for unevenness on the plaster without bending when tightened.

And if you don’t want to drill at all, you can rely on double-sided adhesive tape or Velcro strips, both of which the Fritz! box wall mount from Grabbe-IT holds securely to the wall – and your router. And if you want to screw your Fritz!Box into commercially available server cabinets, we offer you our rackmount – just as precise and easy to use as our wall bracket.

We also have wall and 19" brackets for other models.

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    what our customers say

    • “As a painter, I usually have nothing to do with the technical installations of my customers. But now I recommend the wall bracket to everyone, because I can even paint over it.”

    • „Anyone who says they don’t need a wall bracket has never drilled into an old wall.“

    • „The first drilled hole is never a problem. But the second, it has to be incredibly precise for the router to hold. In my last apartment I needed three attempts for the assembly and was glad that the router covered up the failed attempts. With the flexible wall mount, everything fitted right away, because it helped me to compensate for small inaccuracies.“

    • „I attach great importance to well thought-out cable management. A router screwed cleanly to the wall contributes a lot to a tidy workplace.“